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Aspiring Hand-letterer

This is a skill I know takes a lot of practice, but I love the freedom in exploring all the different ways letters can fit with one another. 

As a designer it's important to keep learning and pushing yourself. It's more than keeping up with trends; it's going where your uncomfortable until that becomes easy, then do it over again. This page is dedicated to those projects. The ones that may not fit into one specific category and can be changed out as often as needed. Whether it's learning a new skill or brushing up on those infrequently used, this page is a reminder to myself to keep learning.

Always Learning

Miscellaneous Makings


As a UX designer I have built quite a few prototypes involving micro-animations, leading me to appreciate the level of detail put into each movement. Lately, I have been exploring adding motion to type and hand-lettering.

Print & Package Design

My print portfolio, stationery and custom hand-made portfolio case. The case was designed to open both drawers simultaneously when one side was pulled, showcasing my print portfolio on one side, with stationery and business cards on the other. It's important to remember where you started, you never know where certain skills could come into play later on.